Thursday, December 16, 2010

Good People Doing Good Things

On the 15th of every month, The Collagist releases a new issue, and I'm always whoop-whoop to see it come out. One, it is a killer journal. Two, I get to interview the poets, so it's like "What is Matthew Olzmann gonna give me this month?" This month is yet another stellar addition to the Collagist archives. Check out sweet poems by Keith Montesano (Read this one aloud), Justin Bigos (IMAGES IMAGES), Bruce Cohen (WOAH AWARD for those opening lines), and Jenny George (every line is heavy, man). Also, another monthly WOAH AWARD goes to Mike Young for best title for his short story, "What the Fuck is an Electrolyte?" Also, super cool double review by Jeremy Benson of Matt Hart's Wolf Face and Nate Pritts' Big Bright Sun. Both these books are high on my to-read list, so I'm stoked to see them getting some love here. READ THIS ISSUE PLEASE.

Vouched Keeps Doing GOOD STUFF. Like adding contributors. Two online literary machines in Roxane Gay and Amber Sparks joined the party. Also, my good friend Ashley Ford joined up a little while back and has been bringing a cool perspective ever since. SELF PLUG AWARE: Don't forget my Vouches.

AGAIN?: Also, I have a new column up at Smalldoggies, an interview with Ryan Ridge. Self Plug Redemption: Be on the lookout for Christopher's next Vouched Satellite Post at SD. Also, I found this cool column at Smalldoggies the other day. Also also, I really loved this poetry suite with J.A. Tyler. More like Poetry Sweet.

Well, back to being on Christmas Break.

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