Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stoked Things

Spent all yesterday in Ft. Wayne with major pals like Sara, Tyler F., and Cody D. Big fun watching cool bands like the return of In The Face of War, a comforting set by Frank Schweikhardt, and another killer performance by Husband&Wife. It was a big all day fest (WE DIDNT MAKE IT ALL DAY=MISSED JOOKABOX, though we were there 11:30 am to 10:30 pm.). The sound quality was great, the crowd was cool, the venue was a sweet pizza place called Pint and Slice (AWESOME NAME HUH?).

In The Face Of War is calling it quits on May 7th, a show featuring a Recovery reunion by Away With Vega. I'm not sure I can handle that much stuff in one show. Last ITFOW show + Vega reunion might be the crumpling of me that would last all summer. I'm not kidding.

Husband&Wife has a new album out called Proud Flesh. This was the first time I've seen them since I saw them play at VGR right after the release. Oh gracious, it's rock n' roll beauty. I can't get these jams out of my head like "I'm completely unaware of the market for grumpy old men trapped inside the bodies of 25 year old kids" and stuff like that. One gripe: the liner notes are in webdigs or winddings or dingdongs or whatever you call them, which is like ha funny then annoying because I might be wrong on lyrics and look silly (see above). Anyways, they just released it on LP too. I passed on it last night, but I have a feeling I'll own it soon.

Last night, I realized there is the Mother of All Shows 5 in January with a lot of the same bands. It's in Muncie and cheaper ($6<$10), but still I'm glad I saw this show. I needed that ITFOW set to rejuvenate me for Finals and the possibly lonely winter break.

Next thing to be super excited about: Vouched Presents Matt Bell, Aaron Burch, Sean Lovelace, Andy Devine. I've never seen Matt or Aaron read and both dudes wail on the page, so I'm stoked for that. Also, be nice to see my buddy Matt again and catch up. Also, Lovelace is a cool writer/reader. Also also, I hear Andy Devine is the coolest person anyone has ever met. Also also also, Vouched is a killer thing that my pal Christopher Newgent has started, and I'm lucky enough to be an Online Contributor. YES THANKS.

I've decided no AWP this year. One, the initial (re)interest came from a cancellation of my trip to Alabama at the beginning of April for Slash Pine Poetry Festival as part of an Alabama/BSU exchange, but that's back on. With the location and the money going to that fest, I'm gonna wait until Chicago next year for AWP. I'm sad to be missing Bob Hicok, Kevin Young, etc. and the sweet readings/bookfair, but DECISIONS MUST BE MADE. Thanks to everyone who gave me advice and info on that decision.

Another thing I'm stoked about is Chicklitz. This is a group of female BSU writers who write some fun and cool words. They're putting out a chapbook, doing a reading, and now having this blog. It's nice to see people GO FOR IT.

I'm not sure what this post says. I'm thinking it says that I have a nice life.

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