Friday, December 3, 2010

Three Chapbooks Are Sitting Here Beside Me And I'm Gonna Write A Paragraph About Each One

This fun little thing is chapbook I did with my poems and my wife Sara's recipes. We are giving them to select friends and family for Christmas. I did the cover art. That dog is the only I can draw. Someone once called it "endearing." Someone else once called it "stupid." I think it's a dog drawn from a 25. For real though, it is a cool little thing with 8 poems and 6 recipes. You know what that means: you better hope you're on that list of friends and family.

This is one of the coolest final projects I've ever done, besides probably my manifesto project. Really stoked about this Writers Community chapbook, featuring work from Ryan Rader, Tyler Fields, Mead Jackson, Ben Rogers, Spencer McNelly, Cody Sean Davis, Layne Ransom, Jeremy Bauer, Elysia Smith, and myself. Also, the cool cover photo was taken by Rochelle Martin. These are some of my best friends, favorite student writers, and biggest supporters. They are $3, but I kinda wanna throw them at parents and friends and say look what we do. I'm seriously impressed by the writing in here. It’s been a great semester for the Community and this book is a testament to that.

This one is my pal Ryan's final for the manifesto class. I helped him with the formatting, so he was nice enough to give me a copy. I was also smiling big to see my name in the acknowledgments. That's our friend Joey Haney on the cover. He was a Jackon Pollock painting for H-ween. I danced with him when he was in that costume. That was funny. About this book though, seriously, it's an essay/manifesto called "The Millennial Hipster: Superficial Reflections," and it's one of the more thoughtful things I've read in a real long time. The book came out beautiful, but the words, man, the words shred hard.


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