Monday, December 6, 2010

AWP Questions

1. Are you going to AWP?
2. How are you getting to AWP?
3. Where are you staying for AWP? (Less passive question: do you know anywhere cheap that I (along with possibly a few friends) could stay for cheap/free in the DC area?)
4. If you've been to AWP before, any suggestions/tips?
5. What AWP presentations/readings/etc. are you most stoked for?

Thank you.


shaun said...

1. yop
2. driving to the metro then taking that in to DC
3. my house B)
I suppose I could offer you my living room floor, but I will warn you I have at least 3, at most 6 people already sleeping on it for AWP.
4. Don't go to the get-together receptions that happen in the evenings in the hotel, the ones for the schools who sponsored AWP. They are boring as hell, nobody cool goes to them, it's just a bunch of students with veggie trays and cash bars. The couple that AC-K and I dropped in on were the worst part of AWP for me.
5. I am most excited to see bsu people I haven't seen in a long time. I haven't paid any attention to the lineup, but I know that the UMD faculty have a reading on Saturday and I am super pumped to go to that. And Dan's reading, too.

also as if my proximity doesn't already irritate you enough, i will also tell you that i get to go for free because i'm supposed to man the UMD booth for some period of time, but will probably ditch it!

Christopher said...

1) I do plan on it unless some awful financial stuff occurs in January, though I am kind of planning on selling my guitar to afford the trip even still.
2) Making a road trip of it. You interested?
3) Splitting a hotel with 3 others to make it around $60/night.
4) I echo Shaun. Those AWP sanctioned receptions are whack. The off-site events are where it's at in the evening.

Also, if you're not getting anything from a panel, don't be afraid to leave it.
5) Most excited to see a bunch of pals I've not seen since last AWP except in blog posts, and a good few I have seen since. Some kick ass readings lining up, too. Also, setting up the Vouched table around D.C. streets until the police or Secret Service tell me to leave.

shaun said...

Also, note I did not offer you my couch. That's because we don't have one! How stupid is that.

daniel bailey said...

1) yes, though i won't be attending the conference itself, just the offsite readings. i'm choosing not to go to the conference so i won't end up spending absurd amounts of money on books.
2) on an airplane
3) on shaun's floor
4) bring lots of cash for books if you go to the conference. also, wait to buy books til the last day because a lot of the booksellers just want to get rid of the books so they dont have to take them home. translation: cheap books.
5) i'm mostly going to hang out with friends and see people i don't get to see a lot.
i don't know a lot of the readings. i'm reading thursday at the dogzplot etc thing. and then supposedly again on saturday night. all i know about that one is that it's partially organized by magic helicopter.

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