Monday, January 10, 2011


So, Frank's all like I'm going to Asia for three months, living out of a tiny backpack, sleeping on floors, etc. Other friends have been to Europe, biked to Maine, toured this country in an old van playing shows to six people and loving it. I can be a jealous dude in one situation: experiences.

I'm talking to Sara and I just blurt out, "I'm going to drive to Portland, Oregon after I graduate (after the May 7th In The Face of War Final Show/Away With Vega Reunion, of course)." Apparently, she wants to go, too, which is sweet.

Here's the vision: Three to four weeks, Indiana to San Francisco to Portland back to Indiana, one car, sleeping at friends/friends' friends house, some camping, some car sleeping, lots of disc golf, good food, major bookstores, cool hiking, money spent mainly on gas.

I'm wanting to do this, because eventually I'd like to go overseas, but I really don't think I'm ready. I've hardly seen this country my own way, meaning no RVs or $25 meals like with Sara's family and no hotels and relative visits like with my parents. My goal is to focus on the trip, the sights, the sounds, the experiences I value. Adding Sara in the mix will help me from getting lonely and give me someone to bounce ideas off while on the road.

So, I'm looking for suggestions/help/etc.:
- Suggestions on booyeah bookstores between Muncie, IN and Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA?
- Suggestions on must-play disc golf courses between Muncie, IN and Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA?
- Suggestions on awesome food places between Muncie, IN and Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA?
- Suggestions on sweet hiking/nature stuff between Muncie, IN and Portland, OR/San Francisco, CA?
- Ideas about cheap/free places to stay between Muncie and Portland/San Francisco?
- Ideas about how to turn a car into a sleepable place?
- Any other ideas or suggestions?

Don't worry I'll ask again and again. I do that.

Really, this is something sweet that I've never had the time/energy/money to do, so I'm super stoked. Any help is greatly appreciated.


daniel bailey said...

if you go through colorado you could stay a) with me in fort collins. or b) in denver (probably, gotta ask the gf first) with me and my gf.

Tyler G said...

Hey Dan. That is a wonderful offer, and I'm sure at some point, either way there or way back, we'll be through and likely take up that offer. I'll keep you updated and see your preferences more once planning gets better along. Thanks a ton dude.

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