Saturday, January 8, 2011

Revised Poem

Below is a newer version of This Is So Romantic, which I talked about in the previous post. You can find the originally published version of This Is So Romantic here.

This Is So Romantic

Ride bikes with me!
Our helmets protect our heads
soft from the fossil fuel burgers:
we go fast through the suburbs
on the edge of our town,
dotted with daisies and driveway
cookouts already in April.
Our apartment building
behind us stands like the asylum
I visited with my girlfriend before you
when her Mom swallowed
12 pills that started with an E.
The ride there the last time
I felt comfortable in a car.
I saw a shirt once,
stick figures holding hands,
hearts around their heads,
lop-sided circles empty
besides two eye dots,
and the caption This Is So Romantic.
You ride closer as the sun inches below
the houses with their gold doorknockers
and gold Hummers parked out front.
A young boy hits a wiffleball
ahead of us. We swerve,
and you say, Yeah it is,
without opening your mouth.

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