Wednesday, March 9, 2011


John Berryman's Dream Songs were at this dusty little bookstore in Colorado.

John Berryman's Dream Songs quickly found their way into my hands.

John Berryman's Dream Songs enraptured me for two weeks because IT WAS GREAT and IT WAS CONFUSING.

John Berryman's Dream Songs tuckered me out and were set aside around number 280.

John Berryman's Dream Songs snuck into my American Lit class.

John Berryman's Dream Songs should be in every American Lit/Poetry class ever.

John Berryman's Dream Songs make more "sense" now, I guess.

John Berryman's Dream Songs, more importantly, were picked back up by me yesterday.

John Berryman's Dream Songs were finished by me yesterday.

John Berryman's Dream Songs still make my head hurt, but OH YEAH THE PAIN IS GOOD.

Find more about my thoughts on The Dream Songs here.


It's probably no secret that I think Smalldoggies Magazine is one of the hot things around the web right now. I mean, COME ON, I do contribute to a column there and yesterday, a group of my "On Poems" went up there. IF THAT'S NOT ENOUGH TO BE WICKED COOL I DON'T KNOW WHAT. That's a joke.

Smalldoggies Magazine main dude Matty Byloos keeps it real. There is a beautiful word buffet waiting FOR FREE. So much developing there and so much gonna happen. I'm so stoked to be a part of it (EVEN A TINY PART).

The Vouched/me/Smalldoggies connection came about after I posted this Vouch of Smalldoggies.

Since then, there has been a ton of cool stuff at Smalldoggies, like poems by J.A. Tyler and Adam Robinson, these interviews with old students by Mickey Hess and a bunch of cool reviews.

My favorite thing is probably this sweet interview with my bud Mel Bosworth. Full of knowledge and heart and cool.



Professorpal Todd is growing a beard. He is blogging about it. He featured me and my beard on the blog today (ALONG WITH PETER FREAKING DAVIS). NICE.

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