Thursday, April 28, 2011

Some days I'm terrified that I exist at all.

Tonight, we are gonna celebrate National Poetry Month RIGHT. And by we I mean, Todd McKinney, Patrick Collier, Elysia Smith, Zach Arnett, Layne Ransom, Mark Neely, myself, and Christopher Newgent, along with whomever is cool enough to show up (LIKE MY PARENTS). Ah, Christopher Newgent. What a cool dude, a good dude, spreading the word of indie/small press lit, inspiring community, and writing cool poems. Remember that week long thing awhile back on Everyday Genius? Yeah, I revisited that to get pumped for tonight. It's all good, but man oh man, that day of "The Lamb" was a good day. Simmer in its goodness and CELEBRATE.


Christopher said...

I am going to hug you tonight. Thanks for the shout out, man.

Tyler Gobble said...


We hugged in front of everyone.

Good job.

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