Friday, April 29, 2011


How many days are in April? Thirty, I think. That's suck because today is the 29th. What am I gonna blog about? Worry later, knucklehead. I've got two more days of National Poetry Month. A Song on the End of the World by Czeslaw Milosz is a biting, tight little poem that does it's thing and I like that thing.


Last night was the Poets Picking Poets reading at Be Here Now, and MAN oh MAN it was fantatic. Christopher Newgent was there with his Vouched Books table. People bought some books (like me finally picking up Easter Rabbit by Joseph Young). The crowd was a bunch of palz and professors and wo(a?)nderers. I was so pleased.

Ryan Rader was a sweet MC, his good mix of humor, sentimentality, and business.

Layne Ransom opened up the readings with her loudproud goodness and poem where God has a Facebook. That's nice.

Mark Neely brought his calm goodness, not to mention this amazing poem about kicking rats and SO MUCH MORE. He also read Elysia's poem titled "Dominatrix," which begins "I want to force feed you a pigeon." LOLZ.

Elysia Smith has a reading style, this shouting girl kinda thing that I'm digging a lot. She also read a Hoagland poem which made me smile lotz.

Zach Arnett showed the community what he's been hiding. This nice dude has more good words in there, I KNOW IT.

I got to read to my parents and that makes me SO happy.

Christopher Newgent rules mucho, I mean much, I mean so much. Him and his stage presence. Him and his lit presence.

Todd McKinney has one of my favorite reading voices EVER. Get to see him read again Saturday and that'll be nice.

Patrick Collier read his martini haikus and some other haikus and some more martini haikus and a couple of my "On" poems and that was funny and brilliant and humbling. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO END THE NIGHT.

Really, I can't thank everyone, the readers, the listeners, the bar folks, enough for being so welcoming and friendly and patient. A great boom to end this undergraduate career.


I have a new Smalldoggies post up for the Vouched Satellite, an interview with Micah Ling of Book Punch Reviews.


Order my tickets for this goodness earlier this week:



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