Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Thoughts Upon Moving Home

1. After four years in Muncie, I can honestly say that Muncie is a cool town. Sweet bars. Lots of mostly fun/mostly free activities on campus. A good disc golf course. The Greenway. Killer food spots (Eva's, Greek's, Savage's, Concannons). Pretty much everything I need.

2. I think I'm a take-for-granteder. It's been a pleasure being able to see some people so often/so easy/so reliably. I think it goes without saying that moving is more out of a necessity than anything to do with getting away from anyone. Like Vega said, "Why would I wanna leave? Everyone I love is here."

3. This sucks: Clark moves to Muncie from Terre Haute, I move from Muncie to Elwood.

4. I'm going to start bowhunting again with my Dad.

5. I'll probably play more cornhole (because of my Dad) my first week at home than I did in my four years in college.

6. Now that I'm home and don't have to pay rent, I'll have more money to spend on cool things (read: books and activities). Future books: everything from Dark Sky and Brand Wells' book. Future activities: Bright Eyes/Mountain Goats, Polyvinyl 15 year celebration, Indiana State Fair, AWP 2012.

7. Muncie people: I plan to visit at least every other week, being only a half hour away. If you'd like me to stay with you, I'd be stoked. Also, you are welcome to visit anytime here in Elwood.

8. My parents are awesome.

9a. My last night in Muncie last Saturday was kickass. Got to see a great deal of budz. Had some great one-on-one time with two of my most cherished (and often taken-for-granted; see above) people: Ashley and Sara. Got to see Cody on his last night in town as well. Saw The Bonesetters shred. Fun fun time.


10. Besides the people, the number one thing I'll miss is being able to go to pretty much every appealing literary/music event in town.

11. I plan to read a ton of books, write many stacks of poems, throw so many discs into so many baskets, hangout with pygmy goats, and learn lots of things about bikes and musical instruments. Hold me to that.

12. Having no car and a good bike in a town with a great public transportation system and plenty of car-pals is sweet. Being able to borrow either of my parents' cars in a town without public transportation and most of my friends a half hour away is sweet.

13. This

Plus This

Plus This

Plus This

14. Things might not have worked out between Sara and I, but they certainly are heading in a better direction than they were six months ago.

15. Still Stoked.


A.C. Ford said...

I miss you already. LUVZ.

Tyler Gobble said...

I'll be back more than you can handle. Lolz.

So are you going to the Bright Eyes/Mountain Goats show for sure? Definitely gotta meet up.


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