Monday, August 8, 2011


Bandcamp's a cool little thing I think. It's like purevolume gone sick DIY. I hear murmurs that some people don't dig it. I dig it lots. I wish they had a little better search/suggestion system like purevolume, but when I can listen to, and sometimes even download, majorly wicked tunes that the bands thumbs-up, I'm good and hand-clapping. Here are some thoughts on bandcamp:

- Laminar Excursion Monthly was this cool year-long subscription joint effort between Crossroads of America Records and Flannelgraph Records a while back. Each month two mini-cds with exclusive-ish music came spinning up to my mailbox. Sometimes they rocked sometimes they sounded like lawnmowers. Osteoferocious' output for LEM was their longest and totally best release. Nine songs of fast clanky rock n' roll, just the way I like it. Favorite tracks: "Fix Me," "Underage Drinking," and "I Don't Mind."

- Bunch of weirdo dudes from Muncie pumping out loud music in various shifted shapes: Support The Troopz, Acid Devils, and Indiana State Park. Get over your squiggly sideways face staring at the troopz page. That stuff shreds. And Acid Devils should be played at the top of every parking garage. And I heard Indiana State Park is finishing up a full-length, okay, thanks. "Cigars" is a summer rock tune if I've ever heard one.

- I'm not sure why I haven't bought Apache Dropout's full LP yet. I know it's at VGR. They have Side A up on bandcamp FOR FREE. Been shaking my body to these songs for months now.

- Half Raptor seemed like a bunch of (cool) dweebs when they played VGR awhile back and man do they make some killer gritty songs. Check out their discography FOR FREE. Favorite tunes: "Our Death," "Sadley But Surely," and "Andy Warr."

- Two soothing albums to buy on bandcamp for cheapz if you don't own a record player or JUST CAN'T WAIT: Oscillate Wisely by Mike Adams At His Honest Weight and Life But No More by Frank Schweikhardt. These are awesome albums for sitting on your roof or making out or walking your dog.

- I'm not sure why you wouldn't buy "Post-Nothing" by Japandroids for EIGHT BUCKS. I'm not sure why you would go see them with me for my birthday.


Alright alright alright. WHAT AM I MISSING ON BANDCAMP?

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