Monday, September 12, 2011

Some Things Going On

I asked some alright questions and Riley Michael Parker of HOUSEFIRE Publishing completely ruled the answers over at Smalldoggies for the Vouched Satellite column. People have seemed to enjoy it and that makes me happy.


Layne and I were featured on Six Questions For... today about Stoked. Also, bonus material for Volume II of Stoked Journal have started and I must say, they're quite fabulous.


The WCWPCCS put out two chapbooks recently and were nice enough to send me some copies. I'd bought their awesome release, The Feeling Is Mutual, awhile back. That book was pure fantastic, collaborative goodness. Though not quite that polished and hard-hitting, the two new ones are quite entertaining and most importantly a cool testament to the power of collaboration.

Exquisite Craps was my favorite of the two. The WCWPCCS gals are so into this writing poems together thing that they've admittedly forgotten who wrote what. That's just great! I'm a big time advocate, fan of, and yearner for collaborations and from my experiences, I know how difficult it can be to get people involved and stick with it, not to mention to produce something that is a solid representation of all involved's skill levels and the strength of the relationship. Whether or not these poems are skyrocket gut punches, it's quite clear these poems are results of meaningful relationships and a fun experience. AND FOR THAT I'M LIKE HELLYEAH.

This from "When The Horse Fell Into The Canal:"
Really, what's more repetitive than a fence?
Marsh birds stating blankly ahead, standing on one foot.
The eyes of animals we had never seen
Flashed above the brown water.


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