Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I've been working on a mini-series of shitty drawings and poems of my hero SHREDCAT, in anticipation of Halloween. I'll post some now and on Friday and on Halloween night. I'm sure you're stoked. Eat some candy.

A million reasons to get into a plane
and fly up high and jump back out.

Being a skydiving skateboarding
cat is one.

We might go
broke soon
but not before
we get our bite
sized Snickers.

If Shredcat does not exist
the goodness is dead man.

The weight on those paws
atop a skateboard is too much

to bear but he makes it lovely
like a sidewalk littered with candy

wrappers. Here he comes and
maybe the feline kickflips real

good. Or perhaps he disappears
into the bushes. Either way the purr

floating through tonight is an outline
of a wicked ghost we all wanna be

for Halloween. The best things have
names. We call this costume Joy.

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