Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Got On A Bus And I Ended Up In Atlanta

Here's a bunch of blah-blah about last week's trip to Atlanta, so that when I'm old or if I get my skull smashed at the Gasmask show, I can remember all that goodness:

- First trip on the Megabus. I say YES to Megabus. Cheap and hassle-free and kinda fun. Had big layovers in Nashville, but who cares? I was downtown by all that silly hoopla (like Robert's Western World, OMG that place was neat, like their Recession Special: Fried Bologna sandwich, chips, and a PBR for five bucks). ALSO ARNOLD'S COUNTRY KITCHEN IS DA BOMB (thxxxxx Layne!). Bus stop next to a Panera Bread (free A/C, free wi-fi, free water, free couch for my butt). Anyhow, yeah, it cost me like 94 bux to go from Indy to Atlanta and back so I'm cooooool with Megabus. (Though the return trip, in the middle of the night, had a less cool bus, overhead lights flickering, lame-o wifi...still 94 buxxxxx!)

- Kat Dixon is a fine fine host. Kat Dixon took me on some cool adventures. Kat Dixon drove me two hours to see roosters. Kat Dixon seemed disappointed I didn't buy one and let it out in a flowerbed. Kat Dixon has cool friends. Kat Dixon went to a reading with me even though she doesn't really like readings. Kat Dixon listened to both mixed CDs I made her and didn't seem that annoyed when I narrated it. Kat Dixon eats only yellow and white food. Kat Dixon has a fun little dog named Pippa. Kat Dixon took me to an old paper mill. Kat Dixon tried to make me hold a bird on my finger. Kat Dixon is cute with animals if you haven't picked up on that. Kat Dixon read poems replacing nouns with "titty(ies)." Kat Dixon made me read one of my poems doing the same. Kat Dixon has an adorable laugh. Kat Dixon told me to try the Sweetwater local beer and it was good. Kat Dixon luvvvvssss Russian Proverbs. Kat Dixon cannot teach her grandmama how suck on eggs. Kat Dixon went to this rad bar The Bookhouse for the first time and I got to be her company. Kat Dixon took me to Los Reyes and there was a mural with a foot in the sky. Kat Dixon showed me where she grew up and told me stories because I like that cheeseball stuff. Kat Dixon picked me up from the bus stop on time and dropped me off at the bus stop on time. Kat Dixon surprised me with mini-Reese's Cups. Kat Dixon isn't very good at Tyler Gobble impersonations. Kat Dixon finally officially met my dear friend Laura. Kat Dixon Kat Dixon Kat Dixon. Kat Dixon will have to forgive me if I leave something out. Kat Dixon is a babe. Kat Dixon is a good poet. Kat Dixon is someone to watch out for, if you know what I'm saying. 

- Laura Straub is absolutely one of my favorite people, every moment a HELLYEAH when I can see her. Got to see her table it up a bit at Artlantis. She rulez with Vouched ATL. She sold out of like 13 titles. SPOOKY AND COOL. I also got to go with her and her hottie hubby Michael and our mutual Muncie-in-ATL-too-for-a-visit friend Rebecca to The Brick Store. I just realized that is the only place I went to on both of my ATL trips recently. COOL. Anyhow, I'm staying with Laura and Michael bunches on my next visit and freaking stoked stoked stoked.

- I had a nice walk from The Brick Store to Kat's apartment, three miles through some district I don't know the name of, and man, some nice unique looking houses up in there. It was nice for my skull to take in a cool place. Which is like the sentence of the trip, if I do say so myself. UH-HUH.

- It's official: Atlanta is the front-runner in the WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TYLER GOBBLE GONNA MOVE TO AFTER HE FINALLY MOVES OUT OF HIS PARENTS HOUSE sweepstakes. Good palz. Go-go-go lit scene. Disc golf I hear is mighty in the surroundings. Nice weather.

- POINT IS: Awesome trip. Great decision. BIG hopes for my next visit in mid-July.

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