Friday, June 1, 2012

Some things to check the GOOD YES box for!

Two things from Tadd Adcox
1. His book, The Map of the System of Human Knowledge, has been batted into the world by Tiny Hardcore Press. I have a copy. It is next to me. It is pretty! The stories seem like they are beating their way out.
2. Coolest, he wants to read stories to people! LET HIM LET HIM SILLY.


The Rooster it struts in YB Poetry (hehe to have a poem in a Plants theme stack). Big thxxxxx to Rose and Sherry for giving this poem a place to wander.


Reading in Akron next weekend with some cool pals and metal bands. LIKE GASMASK
Reading in Cleveland next weekend with more cool pals.


I am in Atlanta. Saw my man Pritts read and that was nice. Going hiking today. Artlantis and Kats Philosophy Group and a surprise tomorrow. Rad, getting radder. Kat is cool, thxxxxx.


Mel Bosworth new chapbook, YES. Mel Bosworth release contest, YES YES. Im a judge. Send something pretty and neat. 



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