Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I'm a huge fan of Sean Lovelace's blog. Like this new post. Just weird and wild and writing. MMMMMM w's!

I'm always for discussions of how poetry can be utilized better, especially in education. Good chattering, Dorothea Lasky! 

Supporting poetry in our schools is essential because it engages students’ thinking and it keeps language alive. Over the past 14 years, I have worked as a teacher in a variety of educational settings. I have found that all students can write. And one of the surest ways to awaken their love for language is poetry. 
The 60 students waiting patiently to get into one creative writing section at an elite private college where I taught loved writing poetry. The 2 year olds I used to teach over a decade ago in a wealthy day care loved poetry, too. Even in their pre-writing state, they recited poem after poem for me, and I wrote each one down for them to then illustrate. At an underserved elementary school, I read Merwin, Sexton, and Whitman poems out loud, and the 5 year olds in in the class loved to bounce around the rhythms and the sing-songy rhymes, along with the slanted ones. It was the music of poetry that they loved. The music of poetry is a delight for the mind.
Tis Pumpkin season! Make me this if you love me! 

Kanye Wes

One of my favorite Zapruder poems gets the Rumpus animation treatment.

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