Monday, October 15, 2012


Played my first Discraft Ace Race on Saturday. Oh, don't know what an ace race is?, well oh well, I love to teach!, so here's an explanation, okay okay: you get two discs (prototype discs Discraft is trying out; more on this/the player's pack soon), must use those two discs only, shortened holes, Elwood had 22 going, two rounds, two drives per hole, nothing else, most aces (hole-in-ones) wins, basket hits as type-breaker. So hope there's a picture running through yr head, something like 60 disc golfers on a Saturday morning brand new plastic in hand, shuffling through that old dump turned disc golf goodness in Elwood. My rad buddy Andrew came up from Indy for it (though major bummer we didn't get to throw together for the race); mega-awesome Elwood pal Jason was on my scorecard and was a blast to chase chains with. Oh, how did I do?, I got one ace and one basket thump, the former on our fifth hole, hole two (we started on 17; extra temporary hole before 1), the same hole I got my live-play ace on, down hill little S with my heavier of the two discs, straight and BOOM, the latter, the metal hit, on the very last hole, the very last throw for my group, skip and smack off side of the basket. That last effort, plus the ace, snagged me a nuke SS, which is cooooool, my last nuke eaten by the same course. Jason got an ace and a metal, Andrew got himself some metal, and the winner, this stellar golfer from Muncie, got himself a whole heap of new discs with his two aces and five basket hits. Srsly, if you ever get a chance to Race, you totally should, fun day around all types of dgers, $25 entry gets you two of the discs (get there early for yr top choice of colors and weights) along with a sturdy water bottle, some slick shades, a sticker, and a mini marker disc. This year's discs are pretty rad, in my little Innova-mostly opinion, heard a lot of talk about being a longer range Buzzz or smaller Stalker, idk, to me, it just moved nicely, stuck to its line, versatile on the paths it could take, one of those discs, like my San Marino Roc, that I could play an entire round with. All in all a stupendous day, big woot for disc golf, nice showing by Elwood, SUP. 

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