Monday, July 6, 2009

How to end up alone at 9:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.

I work about 10-12 hours a week giving tours here at Ball State University. I meet new, curious people on a daily basis, asking me questions like "Can we have an air conditioner?" and "Where are the best parties at?" I walk around pointing in to the left to where you can get a chicken taco, a beef taco, rice, beans, and cinnamon chips for $4. I also get a good face/arm tan.

Sara works 40 hours a week at a plant restoration nursery. From my understanding, she picks, plants, and moves weeds to various places on the plant-ation (get it?) and then her bosses sell them to places with too much money. She comes home dirty, like she really spent the whole day rolling down hills with her friends. I have my suspicions. She also gets pretty burnt.

The ratio of my work hours to Sara's work hours, which you can figure out on your own, has left her as the main worker, the bread winner. A fact several hearing aid wearing, AARP card carrying family members have taken the time to enlighten me upon.

Honestly, Sara and I disagree with our beloved (maybe...) elders. I do my best to keep busy. Like today, I rode my bike to the bank to ask a few questions about free money, cash a check (thank you Aunt Martha), and send in a credit card form. Sometimes, I do "woman's work," mopping our kitchen floor, hanging laundry on the clothes line (which I engineered), and do dishes (which I hate). Other times, I paint shelves (but that need has run dry) or drill holes in things. Don't worry I sneak in fun too.

I am not defending myself. I am just presenting myself. We see work as a part of life, not as life. We both chose to do the jobs we have, knowing the hours, the work levels. I think we both live pretty solid lives.

In Other News: A List of 5
1) My friend Jesse has not returned a phone call (2), text message (3), or facebook post (2) in over a week. To my recollection (sometimes not the most trustworthy source), I have made no offenses, burdens, or injuries to him. I am not calling you out, Jesse, but I would like to know what is up.
2) I now have a record player, my first. Ever. Finally. Weak, right? My mom gave it too me. It has Coca-cola decals all over it. Mom bought it, assuming it to only be a CD player/radio, for "decoration." She was nice enough to give it up.
3) I should start to make a list of things to do with my Little Brother, Patrick. Matter of fact, we should all make lists of things to do with each other (speaking in universal terms here) so that when we want to play frisbee, we look on the list of friends to play frisbee with and boo-ya we have us some frisbee throwing
4) The In The Face Of War CD release show is this Saturday. I am pretty stoked about that. Right now, I think Sara, Sarah Dalton, and possibly Ryan Rader are going with me. This is a piece of Indiana history in the making.
5) Super Honeymoon to Gatlinburg/NC is approximately 3 weeks away. We are not really making any concrete plans (gasp), but more or less "going with the flow." The "gasp" indicates that we are neither used to or good at such a move. Cross your fingers.

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