Sunday, October 25, 2009

The taste in your mouth.

I've been in St. Louis since Thursday, but I'm home now. Sara and I journeyed across the ultra-boring highway 70 to visit our great friend Darrin. We did cool things like visit independent bookstores and go to a climate change rally. We also saw one of the worst movies ever (see previous post). I cannot express how much fun it was, because 1) I have a limited vocabulary and 2) I'm tired from the drive and the fun and the food. I'll share more later. But for now, some pictures to celebrate the trip and the fact that we actually took pictures.

Beware of Brown Booty

This picture is real sweet.

One of the top 7 meals I have ever had...maybe.

T-shirts layered over jackets are not flattering, but the arch is.

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