Thursday, December 24, 2009

Give me a gift!

I've been watching more sports shows this week than when school was in session. Unfortunately, the increase time for watching has not been matched by the quality of the shows.

Sports Nation is by far the worst sports show I have ever seen on ESPN. I have caught an episode or two before, but watching yesterday, my dislike was reaffirmed. Oh man. These hosts are obnoxious, narrow-minded, and disastrously unfunny.

Switching to ESPN didn't help as my formerly least favorite show, Jim Rome is Burning, was occupying that time slot. If I wanted to listen to wanna-be tough guys spout off their sports opinions, I would RSVP now for my high school class reunion.

Even Mike and Mike in the Morning has been a disappointment. The two Mikes are on vacation so a random assortment of okay-ish sports analysts are covering each day. While I normally don't mind the near overkill of football talk, the show seems quite bland with the antics of Mike and Mike. I assume this is why they have the show.

Oh well. Tomorrow, real sports (games!!!! NBA games!!!! 5 NBA games!!!!!) will be waiting under the tree or next to the tree or something.

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